Printer - designer “3D-Spider”

Printer – designer “3D-Spider”:

  • Print size is not limited. (It is determined by the size of the frame frame and the size of the glass table);
  • Kinematics – XZ Head Y Bed (it is possible to do it yourself or custom-made H-Bot);
  • Management – Mega 2560 R3 1 pc. RAMPS 1.4 (selected as the least expensive and widely described. 32-bit controller is under development);
  • Table – without heating, printing with PETG, PLA plastics. (It is possible to install a heated table – on your own or on demand);
  • Optimum print speed in XZ Head Y Bed configuration – 50 mm / s .;
  • The minimum layer height along the Z axis is 0.1 mm.

“Why a constructor?”. You can assemble your first printer in the XZ Head Y Bed configuration, by yourself, as the easiest to build and configure. Customize print. Reprint from the files that come with the kit, the necessary details. Modify the printer to a more complex H-Bot configuration with the possibility of installing a second extruder.

Printer - designer “3D-Spider”

The basis of the frame body are cheap and easily accessible aluminum thin-walled pipes with a diameter of 16 and 12 mm.

The choice was not made by chance. You can always replace the pipes to the length you need and make your printer with a larger or smaller print area.

The service life of the material is quite sufficient to master the principle of operation of a 3D printer, learn how to set up a printer and print.

If necessary, those pipes that simultaneously serve as axle guides can be replaced on steel pipes.

Due to the frame design, the printer has no restrictions on all axes. The height, width, depth of the print is determined by your desire and necessity. From mini to maxi size. A typical variant is an average size (print height up to 200 mm width and depth 150 mm). But you can make an order or independently change to a larger or smaller size.

Без ограничения размера
Printer - designer “3D-Spider”

Using the printer frame as a guide for the Z and X axes also resulted in the size of the print area being restricted.

The Z-Belt Spread Belt makes printing accurate and helps to remove the Z-axis print size limit.

The gearbox (1: 6) on the Z axis easily holds the printhead and the stepper motor.

In development are the nodes that allow you to easily change the kinematics of the printer from the XZ Head Y Bed to the H-Bot. Nodes can be printed and installed independently or you can order a printer with ready-made H-Bot kinematics.

The modular table will allow to use glass of any size convenient for you. The glass clamping mechanism makes setting the table level simple and glass quick-release. You can use any material convenient for you for the print surface. It is possible (optional) to install a heated table. As well as the possibility of transferring the table to the kinematics of H-Bot.

Стол печати
Экструдер - механизм подачи нити

The feed unit of the thread, enhanced gears (1: 3). This eliminates the “bouncing” and overheating of the stepper motor, under heavy load (incorrect settings for print temperature or table level settings). The mechanism is simple to assemble. Universal mount allows you to place it on the carrier frame in any place convenient for you.

Installation of the typical thread feed mechanism is possible. Included is a file “mount typical feed mechanism”. The mechanism itself can be ordered from us or purchased independently.

The spacious control board housing allows you to easily place and “hide” the “extra” wires.

Fan 40×40 mm, covered with a protective casing, will not allow your electronics to overheat.

The “clip” mount makes access to the board easy and allows you to place the control board in any place convenient for you on the carrier frame.

The case is designed to accommodate the RAMPS 1.X and Arduino Mega 2560 boards. Currently, mounting frames are being developed for other popular 3D printer control boards. Mounting frame models will be freely available. This will allow you to print them yourself and install any other control board.

Корпус для платы управления
Редуктор оси Z

A two-stage (1: 6) gearbox on the Z axis easily copes with the retention and lifting of the printhead, stepper motor and Y-axis mounting structures.

At the same time, the gearbox is easy to assemble. The frame attachment mechanism is reliable and convenient in setting up the Z-drive belt transmission.

The ease of mounting the X-axis motor will allow you to easily install it on the base frame and adjust the X-drive belt drive.

Крепление мотора оси X
Стол для печати

The modular table is designed to fit print surfaces of any size, with a thickness of 4 mm or more. The delivery is set to 4 mm glass, size 180×180 mm. You can order a different size for or replace it yourself.

Assembly and mounting of all components will not cause you problems. Setting the table level is simple and reliable.

The possibility of additional installation of the heating surface is provided, as well as easy transfer of the table to the H-Bot configuration.